About Koleda

Production of Koleda Durum Pasta

KOLEDA Ltd. is a company wholly privately owned, with a vision of continuous growth, and its core business is the production of high-quality durum wheat pasta with egg from semolina. The production facility of Koleda is located in Velika Gorica.

Our focus on product excellence and continuous improvement in technology and sales of high-quality durum wheat pasta has been recognized by customers, the market, and our business partners.

Look for Koleda pasta in stores:

  • Wide noodles
  • Wide noodles with spinach
  • Wide noodles with carrots
  • Egg noodles
  • Carrot egg noodles
  • Grated porridge with carrots
  • Egg flakes
  • Macaroni
  • Shells
  • Snails

Where to buy Koleda pasta?

  • Konzum
  • Kaufland
  • Spar (Interspar)

Origin of the name Koleda

Since ancient Slavic times, the tradition of caroling has been preserved in our regions, where carolers would visit households during the holiday season, singing carols (koleda) and invoking abundant feasts and a successful and fruitful year for the household members.

In that spirit, Koleda pasta brings to your table the rich aromas and flavors of dishes prepared with high-quality durum wheat pasta, which contains at least 15% eggs. It's the pasta that turns golden in hearty soups, shines from full plates, prepared from the heart and with great attention - following homemade recipes.