Durum Pasta

KOLEDA durum pasta contains a minimum of 15% eggs! The highest quality pasta is made from durum wheat, which has a hard grain structure, glassy cross-section, and high protein content.

durum psenica

It is known that flour is obtained from grains. There are many types of grains, and one of the special types is Durum (Triticum durum). The word "durum" is actually a Latin word for "hard". Durum is a specially selected variety that stands out from common varieties due to its size, hardness, and most importantly, higher protein content (30-50% more protein than regular wheat).

In high-quality durum wheat pasta, the percentage of protein also indicates the level of pasta quality. A higher percentage means higher quality pasta.

Not only is durum different in its biochemical and physiological composition, but it is also milled in a special way. Durum does not thrive equally well in all parts of the world and is sometimes referred to as "pasta wheat". Durum semolina, as a raw material, is significantly more expensive than ordinary flour due to all its valuable characteristics.

In order to have top-quality products, we use carefully selected and strictly controlled premium durum semolina for the production of Koleda homemade pasta.